Step 2.1: Select Receiver

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Referrals may be sent via the eReferral system using one of three methods.

  1. Standard eReferral: Electronic referral to member agencies fully registered with the S2S system.
  2. Fax referral: Using the FAX gateway.
  3. Email referral: Secure email using the PKI email facility.


To use the eReferral sending method, the receiving agency must be registered with the S2S system.
To select a registered agency, look under the Add Receivers heading at the first 2 tabs; Top 10, and Browse.

Top 10
Lists the 10 providers that your service has sent the most referrals to.  If the correct agency/service is in this list, simply put a tick in the tick-box.

Click the Browse tab to list regions, and the S2S member agencies will appear.  Tick the box next to the service you wish to refer to and it will appear in the selected receivers area above.


NB: A Receiver can specifiy protocols for 'required' information.  Once a receiver is ticked, if they do have any protocols/minimum information requirements, red exclamation marks will sign-post required SCTT forms.