My Cases

Editing an Existing Case

After a case has been created, it is possible to review and edit it. To do this, hover over Client and click on My Cases. Click on the case you would like to edit or view. It will bring up the View Case Screen.

To edit the action plan, scroll to the bottom and click on the action plan ID. To edit the case, click on the Edit Case tab.  From here, you can add more action plans and edit other areas of the case. For printing purposes, you can also view the case in compressed format and click print and the bottom left of the screen.


Adding Participants

Adding Participants

You are able to add participants that contribute to the client’s care. This could be the client’s GP, their substitute decision maker, a family member, volunteers or friends who provide assistance.

Case Details

Create Participants

Adding Case Workers

Adding Case Workers

The first section allows you to add in the various providers in the planning process for the case. Your name, role and service automatically appear at the top of this section and it allows you to type in your particular role in this case.

In most cases, if you are the person creating the case, you will be the key worker, so you can type ‘key worker’ in the Role in Team Field.

Add Workers
Edit Case

Step 2.1: Select Receiver

Referrals may be sent via the eReferral system using one of three methods.

  1. Standard eReferral: Electronic referral to member agencies fully registered with the S2S system.
  2. Fax referral: Using the FAX gateway.
  3. Email referral: Secure email using the PKI email facility.


To use the eReferral sending method, the receiving agency must be registered with the S2S system.

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