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Add yourself as Case Manager

You can add yourself as a Case Manager for a client so that you can access their client record more quickly and be automatically notified if someone else sends a referral for them.

  • Adding yourself as a Case Manager for a client means that you can access/open their client record without having to do a search.  Once you have added yourself as a Case Manager, go to the Client menu and select 'My Clients'.

Step 2.1: Select Receiver

Referrals may be sent via the eReferral system using one of three methods.

  1. Standard eReferral: Electronic referral to member agencies fully registered with the S2S system.
  2. Fax referral: Using the FAX gateway.
  3. Email referral: Secure email using the PKI email facility.


To use the eReferral sending method, the receiving agency must be registered with the S2S system.


Step 2: Complete Referral

The second step of creating an eReferral is to fill in the referral information.

In this step you must:

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