Add yourself as Case Manager

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You can add yourself as a Case Manager for a client so that you can access their client record more quickly and be automatically notified if someone else sends a referral for them.

  • Adding yourself as a Case Manager for a client means that you can access/open their client record without having to do a search.  Once you have added yourself as a Case Manager, go to the Client menu and select 'My Clients'.
  • If you leave the 'notifications' box checked you will also get an email notification every time someone else using S2S makes a change to that client's record, or sends a referral for that client.

FAQs about Case Managers

Add yourself as a Case Manager for a client

  1. Search for the client
  2. Open the client record
  3. Click on the Edit Client tab
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page - look for the heading Case Managers.  If there are any existing Case Managers, they will be listed here.
  5. Select your name from the drop-down box next to Add a Case Manager.
  6. Click Save Client.