Receive an eReferral

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Once a referral has been sent, the referral comes into the receiving agency’s queue of referrals for processing either by a Referral or Service Coordinator. All incoming referrals will appear on the Incoming Referrals tab – which will usually be your ‘Home’ page.

If you are not a Referral or Service Coordinator, you will only see incoming referrals that have been allocated either directly to you, or to all staff members who have the same role as you.

If you are a Referral or Service Coordinator you will see all incoming referrals for the organisation/service.

A Referral or Service Coordinator will have first responsibility for;

  1. Acknowledging the referral
  2. Allocating the referral – either to an individual practitioner or to all practitioners who have the same role (e.g. Occupational Therapy, Case Manager).