Basic Orientation and Tips

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S2S eReferral is a web application.  It has common elements to make it more user-friendly.

Tips for Using Web Applications

  • Web applications are accessed and used via a ‘web browser’.  Internet Explorer is the most common web browser.  Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari are also commonly used.
  • Do not to use the Forward or Back buttons on your web browser.  If you need to move forward or back in a web application, click on page headings, menu options and buttons to navigate and move around.
  • When using web applications you generally only ever need to use a ‘single-click’ of your mouse, rather than a double-click.
  • If you have clicked on something and nothing is happening – take a quick look at the web browser to see if you can see a progress circle spinning. If you can, the system is just taking a few moments to respond.