Step 1: Create a Support Plan

There are seven main steps when creating an S2S Support Plan:

  1. Search / Add Client
  2. Create Support Plan
  3. Record the reason for the Plan
  4. Invites Participants and Support Providers to the Plan
  5. Link or add documents and referrals
  6. Determine the goals you want acheived
  7. Review progress

Once you are viewing a client on your screen, click on the 'Create New Support Plan' action button at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2: Add Dates and Reasons

Dates and Reason Section

1. Plan Status: Select a status from the drop-down list. This can be updated as the Support Plan progresses

2. Situational Summary: Enter the reason for creating the plan

3. Start Date / End Date: There are date picker fields for selcting the start and end dates of the plan

4. Schedule a Review:

Support Plan


Support planning facilitates inter-agency service coordination for clients with complex or multiple issues.
S2S Support Plans allow you to:


Trouble Shooting

This section provides some solutions for common queries or problems that might arise while using the eReferral system.

Using the Back Button

Scanning Documents

What browser am l using?

Can't access the S2S login page

Login/Password Issues

Edit Case tabs

Edit Case tabs

Once you have completed filling out the action plan, click Save at the bottom left had side of the screen. Your Action Plan will appear at the bottom of your View Case and Edit Case tabs:

View Case, Edit Case, Compressed Tabs


Attachments in Cases

You can attach any supporting documentation such as social profile, assessments, service plans, support plans, GP plans, advanced care plans, emergency management plans, screening or risk alerts.

Action Plans

Action Plans
Edit Action Plan Tab
View Case tab

Adding Participants

Adding Participants

You are able to add participants that contribute to the client’s care. This could be the client’s GP, their substitute decision maker, a family member, volunteers or friends who provide assistance.

Case Details

Create Participants

Adding Case Workers

Adding Case Workers

The first section allows you to add in the various providers in the planning process for the case. Your name, role and service automatically appear at the top of this section and it allows you to type in your particular role in this case.

In most cases, if you are the person creating the case, you will be the key worker, so you can type ‘key worker’ in the Role in Team Field.

Add Workers
Edit Case

Client History Tab

To view the history of changes made to the client's record, click on the Client History tab.

All changes made to client records and tracked and traced in eReferral.  Everytime you click 'Save Client' when editing a client record, eReferral will create a revision history.  The full revision history can be seen by going to the Client History tab from the Client Record.

Client History Screen-shot with Unmerge button

Merge a Client Record

The Merge Client function is used to merge two records that are actually the same person.

  1. Hover over Client in the top menu bar and select Merge.
  2. Under 1. Client to Merge enter the family name, given name and gender of the client that you want to merge (i.e the duplicate record that should no longer exist once you've merged). As you type, a list of clients matching that criteria will be generated.
Client to merge Screen-shot
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