Step 2: Add Dates and Reasons

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Dates and Reason Section

1. Plan Status: Select a status from the drop-down list. This can be updated as the Support Plan progresses

2. Situational Summary: Enter the reason for creating the plan

3. Start Date / End Date: There are date picker fields for selcting the start and end dates of the plan

4. Schedule a Review:

  • Click on 'Schedule A Review'
  • Select the participant responsible for the review
  • Select the target date
  • Click 'Add'

5.  Next Review Date: This links to the reviews section of the support plan. Multiple review dates can be added to a plan, however only the 'Next review date' will display in the the Dates and Reason section of the support plan

6. Access Level: Select the desired Access Level from the drop-down list. This can be changed at a later date, but only by a participant with 'edit' access for the support plan.