Merging client records

Merge a Client Record

The Merge Client function is used to merge two records that are actually the same person.

  1. Hover over Client in the top menu bar and select Merge.
  2. Under 1. Client to Merge enter the family name, given name and gender of the client that you want to merge (i.e the duplicate record that should no longer exist once you've merged). As you type, a list of clients matching that criteria will be generated.
Client to merge Screen-shot

Add yourself as Case Manager

You can add yourself as a Case Manager for a client so that you can access their client record more quickly and be automatically notified if someone else sends a referral for them.

  • Adding yourself as a Case Manager for a client means that you can access/open their client record without having to do a search.  Once you have added yourself as a Case Manager, go to the Client menu and select 'My Clients'.

Step 2.1: Select Receiver

Referrals may be sent via the eReferral system using one of three methods.

  1. Standard eReferral: Electronic referral to member agencies fully registered with the S2S system.
  2. Fax referral: Using the FAX gateway.
  3. Email referral: Secure email using the PKI email facility.


To use the eReferral sending method, the receiving agency must be registered with the S2S system.

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