Client Alerts

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Alerts can be created for the purpose of entering and tracking Incident information that is current or past regarding a specific client. Types of incidents that you might want to records are:

Violence Against Worker
Family Violence
Aggressive Behaviour
Self Harm
Suicidal Ideation
Chronic Medical Condition
Debts Owing
Financial Support Provided
Warrant Pending
Legal Advice Recommended

Alerts can be created by clicking on the Create New Alert button next to the 'Create New Referral' and 'Create New Support Plan' buttons on the client form.

Once an Alert is created and is current, it will display on the client form. Current alerts will now also be sent with the client data when sending a referral. This includes sending Fax and PKI referrals.

Alerts that are no longer current should be closed and will no longer be sent in referrals for that client but you can access the closed alerts from the Client Alerts tab.