Case Manager FAQs

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Frequently asked questions about using the Case Managers option.

Do I have to be the client's actual Case Manager?

  • No you don't. You might just work with them frequently and want to bypass having to do a search in eReferral to get to their client record.

What does the Notification tick mean?

  • If you leave 'Notification' ticked when you add yourself as a Case Manager you will get an email notification every time another eReferral user makes a change to that client's record, or sends a referral on their behalf.  If you don't want to get the notifications, untick the box.

Can there be more than one person selected as a Case Manager for a client?

  • Yes. There can be multiple people added as a Case Manager for the same client - there is no maximum number of Case Managers in eReferral for a client.

Can someone else add me as a Case Manager?

  • No. Only you can add (or remove yourself) as a Case Manager.
  • You will be able to see a list of any other people who have added themselves as a Case Manager but you will not be able to remove them.