Fax and Email Receivers

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Fax Referrals

  • The fax gateway allows referrals to be sent via fax straight from the system to a direct, secure, fax number (i.e. you do not need to use a fax machine).
  • Attachments cannot be sent using the Fax referral method. Any attachments will need to be faxed separately.

Email Referrals

  • The PKI facility allows referrals to be emailed to services with a secure PKI facility installed. You can also use this to send referrals to the GP network and to RDNS. See RDNS and HL7 Referrals.
  • Attachments can be sent using the PKI email facility.

If the agency you need to send to is NOT registered in the S2S system, you will have to go to the Search tab and use either the Fax or Email Referral method.

From the Search tab

  1. Enter the name of the agency you wish to search for.
  2. Enter the suburb (optional).
  3. Put a tick in the checkbox to ‘include non S2S receivers’.
  4. Click Search.
  5. A list of receivers will appear. If the receiver appears, select it, OR run another Search.

NB: Once you have found the agency/service – the eReferral system will show which method of sending is available for that particular agency. It will either show ‘External: Fax’ or ‘External: PKI’ in red next to the listing.