Draft eReferral

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The Draft tab lists referrals that you have started, but not sent.

At any time while creating a referral and before sending it, clicking on Save As Draft enables you to come back to it to send at a later date.

From this area, a referral may be completed and sent or it may be discarded.

To complete and send the referral click on the referral from the Draft section and complete the steps remaining under Creating an eReferral.

Discarding a Referral

To discard a referral, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on a referral in the draft tab.
  2. The Edit Referral page will be displayed.
  3. Hover over Referral menu from the Top Menu Bar.
  4. Select Discard
  5. Click OK if you wish to proceed to discard the referral. This action cannot be undone.