Step 1b: Add New Client

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You can’t add a new client until you have done a search.  Once you have run a search, there are two places you can add a new client from.

  1. The Search page (after you have run a Search) - select Create New Client.
  2. The View Client page (once you have opened a client record), select Create New Client with Same Name.

Adding and saving a new client record

  1. Fill in the Client details by clicking into the text boxes.
    > Scroll down or use the blue hyperlinks to move down the page.
    > Fields with a red exclamation mark must be completed.
  2. When you have finished, click Save New Client.
  3. The client data will be saved and will load the full set of Client Record tabs. You can edit and save more client details, or add an alert if necessary.
  4. When you are ready, click Create New Referral.
  5. Congratulations! That’s the first main step finished.