Version Upgrade Release V8.25

Infoxchange has upgraded the Alerts and enabled status changes for senders of external PKI/FAX referrals. In ACT some additional fields and sections have been added into the client form and additional...

Version Upgrade Release V8.23.7 to V8.24

Consumer Information Form Update and Migration to SCTT2012

What's changed?

Infoxchange has upgraded the Client Form inline with the DHS SCTT2012 Consumer Information...

Version Upgrade Release V7.9 to V8.0.1

Support Plans added

What's changed?

Infoxchange has upgraded the eReferral system in Victoria and you may notice some small layout changes to some screens and a faster...

The client history page has had a facelift!

What's changed?

The biggest visual change is that the Client History page in eReferral has been updated from the red/yellow colour scheme.  There are also tick-boxes to separate...

Hot off the Press - the new S2S Support site goes live!

What's changed?

On 31 August 2012, the old S2S website was decommissioned and the new S2S4networks and S2S Support Site went live.  From now on all user guides, forms...

Searches are now quicker and more intuitive in eReferral!

What’s changed?

There are a few changes in this release, mostly based around the look and behaviour of the Search page in eReferral.


You can now reset your own password!

What's changed?

The most obvious change will be the login page which has been updated to a more modern look. However, the major changes are behind the scenes in preparation for future...