August 2012 Release

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Searches are now quicker and more intuitive in eReferral!

What’s changed?

There are a few changes in this release, mostly based around the look and behaviour of the Search page in eReferral.

What happens now?

What used to happen?

Why did we do it?

  1. The Search page now has a bright orange 'Search' button placed just underneath the consent tick-box. There is also a 'Clear Search' button next to it that clears the search criteria.
  • Previously there was a 'Next' button placed at the bottom of the page and a 'Reset' button to clear the search criteria.
  • During training sessions we found that new users would instinctively look for a 'Search' button when trying to run a search and often missed the 'Next' button at the bottom of the page.
  • Its also quicker to move your mouse to the search button if its placed underneath the search criteria.
  1. When you click 'Search', the search results will display on the same page undearneath the search box.
  • Previously the search results would display on a new page and you would have to click on 'Back to Search' to run another search if you didn't find what you were looking for.
  • Its easier if you see all the information on one page.
  • Its quicker  to run another search if you need to. 
  1. If there are no matches for your search criteria, you will see a message to say 'No results found matching that criteria'.
  • Previously if there were no results found, a new/blank client record would automatically open.
  • During training sessions it was evident that new users found this confusing.  There could be many reasons why the client you searched for wasn't found on the first search attempt.
  • This new change gives you the opportunity to try a few different search options, and if you need to, you can click 'Create New Client' from the bottom of the search page once you're satisfied that the client isn't already in the system.