September 2014 Upgrade

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Version Upgrade Release V7.9 to V8.0.1

Support Plans added

What's changed?

Infoxchange has upgraded the eReferral system in Victoria and you may notice some small layout changes to some screens and a faster better user experience.

Care Plans and Cases will be replaced by Support Plan which will include a number of enhancements.

Care plan users will notice the following:

  • Care Plans will now be referred to as Support Plans
  • Some language within Support Plans has changed
  • The supporting documentation table has been split into two tables: General Documentation and Referrals
  • The Referrals table includes more summary information about that referral
  • S2S Support Plan participants will now receive a notification 14 days prior to the next review date
  • You will have the ability to notify team members of any significant changes to the support plan
  • You can now set a task start and due date within a goal
  • When adding and editing goals, you will be able to assign multiple people to a single task
  • You will have the ability to set the current status of a task within a goal

Cases users will notice the following:

  • Invite Participants from other services sending emails and red envelope notifications. You will be able view each participant’s invitation status, access to the plan and participation status
  • Add supporting Documentation including links to other sites and attach other s2s documents with labels and notes
  • Link Referrals to the Support plan which will include information such as referral ID, sender, receiver, last updated, referral status and status notes
  • Add multiple Goals which you can edit to include Importance and difficulty rating, Issues description, Goal description, Outcome description, Strategy description, multiple Tasks including task completion date, person/people responsible for the tasks & task status.
  • Add multiple Reviews that prepopulate the Goal details and allow you to add the expected outcome, achievement level, participant comments, client comments, overall assessment including summary and recommendations, responsible participant, decision & approval.
  • Send and receive notifications about changes to the Support Plan in the form of emails and red envelopes
Please review the Support Plan User Guide for more information and assistance or contact support on 9418 7466.