April 2012 Release

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You can now reset your own password!

What's changed?

The most obvious change will be the login page which has been updated to a more modern look. However, the major changes are behind the scenes in preparation for future improvements to S2S.

What does this mean for you?

You can reset your own password!

We all forget passwords. Now you’ll be able to change your own password so you can get yourself up and running in S2S in no time at all. This will be great for users who work outside of our standard support hours, or for those who just want to save themselves a call or email to the support team.

To reset your password, simply use the ‘Forgotten Your Password?’ link from the Login page and follow the series of instructions.

To reset your password successfully you’ll need to;

  • know the email address associated with your S2S account

  • be the only person using that email address within S2S

  • have access to your email

  • choose a password that meets the new password criteria

Other than the different looking login page and self-password reset, it should be business as usual. However you may experience an improvement in speed when using S2S, so if you do notice things running a bit faster we’d love to hear from you. 


Will my existing username and password still work?
Yes. Both will stay the same until your password is next due to expire. Upon expiry you will be required to change your password.

How often will my password expire?
Every 3 months.

How often can I reset my password?
You can reset your password as often as you need to – even twice in the same day if needed.

Will my new password still need to be between 6 – 12 characters?
No. All new passwords will need to be a minimum of 8 characters, however there is no maximum so your password can be longer than 12 characters if that suits you best.

What else do I need to know when choosing a new password?
The new criteria are:

  • Minimum of 8 characters

  • Must contain at least one UPPERCASE letter

  • Must contain at least one lowercase letter

  • Must contain at least one digit (e.g. a number between 0 – 9)

  • Must not be based on a standard dictionary word

What if other S2S users in my organisation use the same email address as me?
If the email address associated with your S2S account is also associated with the S2S accounts of other users in your organisation, you will need to contact the Support team to request a password reset.

I’m not sure if my email address is used by others, how can I tell?
If you are not sure, you can always try to reset your password. The system will detect if the email address you entered is used by others, and will prompt you to contact support.

What if I request a password reset and then remember my password?
You can cancel the password reset by ignoring the email that gets sent to you. As long as you don’t click on the hyperlink contained in the email your password will remain the same and you can login as normal.

What if I get an email about my password being reset but I didn’t request it?
In the unlikely event that someone has requested a password reset without your knowing, disregard the email and contact the Support team to let them know.

What if I’ve forgotten my username?
Just in case you forget your username, its included in the password reset email that we send you. If you happen to know your password and just need a reminder of your username, you can go as far as requesting a password reset and just use the email we send you to lookup your username. As long as you don’t click on the hyperlink in the email, your password will stay the same and you’ll be able to login as usual.

Can I still register new users for S2S via the main S2S website?
No. The online form doesn’t currently work with our new server. If you need a new user setup, please contact our Support team.