Sent Referral

eReferral Feedback Loop

Once you have sent a referral you will receive email notification of Status changes that have been made by the receiving service for your client (refer to Incoming Referrals). Initially they will Acknowledge receipt of your referral and then most likely Allocate the referral to the most appropriate team or individual.

To view the Notes regarding status changes, log in to the system and Search for the referral (see Search for Referral). The Referral ID number is in the email.


Sender Notes

If you have receive a referral that has SENDER NOTES after the status of the referral, the sender has added extra notes associated with the referral after it has been sent.

Date Received and updated information

Closed eReferral Statuses

You can continue to change the status of open referrals by following the same steps as in Accepting an eReferral. However under the Status options are three statuses which effectively ‘close’ the referral and remove it from the Open Referrals tab.

They are;

Process Referral

Process an eReferral

For Individuals or Roles that have been allocated a referral

Once a Referral has been allocated to you, you need to process a referral accordingly. Once the Status of the Referral has been changed from Allocated to something else, it is considered an Open referral and will move to the Open Referrals tab.

Print an eReferral

To print ONE section of the referral

  1. Click on the section you want from the left hand vertical menu panel.
  2. Click Print from the Action Button Bar and select printer as normal.

To print the WHOLE referral (recommended)

  1. Select the Compressed View tab.
  2. Click Print from the Action Button Bar and select printer as normal.
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