Display my referrals

Sender Notes

If you have receive a referral that has SENDER NOTES after the status of the referral, the sender has added extra notes associated with the referral after it has been sent.

Date Received and updated information

Service Records

The Service Records area holds a record of all the Sent, Received and Draft Referrals from the past 12 months for your service - regardless of their status.

To get to the Service Records area:

  1. Go to the Referral menu in the Top Menu Bar.
  2. Hover over Service Records.
  3. Click on either Sent or Received (or Drafts).

Process an eReferral

For Individuals or Roles that have been allocated a referral

Once a Referral has been allocated to you, you need to process a referral accordingly. Once the Status of the Referral has been changed from Allocated to something else, it is considered an Open referral and will move to the Open Referrals tab.

Create & Send an eReferral


There are three main steps when creating an S2S referral, however there are variables with each referral – such as which SCTT forms need to be completed.  The diagram below shows you the three main steps and highlights some of the variables.  The remainder of this section details how to complete each step.

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